US Open Experience

Digital Shuffle and Xerox created a personalized trade show experience for tradeshow visitors, focusing on the ultimate product placement.

Digital Shuffle and Xerox collaborated to showcase the functionality of XMPie's uDirect video platform first hand at the Print13 show in Chicago. Attendees were invited to visit the Xerox booth for a chance to serve up match point at the US Open! Upon arriving at the booth, visitors were coached by members of the Digital Shuffle's team through four different shots, each one leading up to the ultimate win and victory celebration. The footage was then integrated into a base movie template previously created by Digital Shuffle's creative team. Leveraging XMPie's uDirect solution, the visitor's data and 4 individual movie clips were combined with the base movie file to tell the story of their amazing feat. The next day, attendees received an email with a link to view and share their own personalized video as well as a behind the scenes look at how it was created.

Services Rendered

  • Video Production and Post Production
  • Video Personalization
  • Video Delivery
  • Email deployment