Our Services

Digital Shuffle's creative team works diligently to engage viewers of all sizes, shapes and disciplines with relevant and provocative media. Their competencies span from traditional media, to web design, digital media and video production. Digital Shuffle's creative team consists of talented individuals who passionately create innovative and effective communications that break through the advertising clutter.


We believe that multimedia is an integral component to any marketing or advertising campaign. Our robust and engaging multimedia services use just the right blend of visual and auditory delight to inform, educate, market and entertain. Check out the many flexible solutions that are part of our Present4 product offering.

Video Production

From the first scribble to the final edit, our award-winning video production team can do it all. We have produced hundreds of TV Commercials, Webisodes, Motion Graphics Presentations, Corporate Videos, Explainer Videos, and just about everything in between. Whether you are looking for a studio shoot in NYC, or an on-ice extravaganza, Digital Shuffle's team has you covered.

Web Development

Web and mobile is a crucial area of our clients’ businesses. Luckily, stunningly beautiful web design and development is our forte. We create everything from complex data-driven websites to simple campaign specific landing pages, with one goal in mind: to provide the ultimate user experience.

Creative Design

At the forefront of any strong advertising and marketing campaign is a defining and impactful creative design. Our team of graphic artists design for any medium, utilizing a consistent and ideality approach every step of the way.

Brand Identity

We feel our clients’ ‘brand’ is what defines them in the simplest form. The emotional concepts, the visual philosophy, a memorable logo and the overall corporate ‘personality’ are just a few of the components Digital Shuffle designs to create impact and awareness for our clients.


Digital Shuffle leverages data in every aspect of our communication process. Our personalized and variable communications range from simple imagery to complex personalized websites and integrated campaigns - all designed to connect with your customers on a personal level. Take a look and see how Digital Shuffle is revolutionizing this movement.

Video Personalization

Digital Shuffle utilizes the latest technology for injecting variable text, imagery and audio into video and multimedia for a completely unique user experience. Personalized video, whether used for relevant customer communications or for engaging your audience, contains an added "wow" factor that has shown to increase response and user interaction. As pioneers in video personalization, Digital Shuffle continues to push the limits for what can be achieved with relevant, personalized digital media campaigns.